The Queen’s Rising review



464 pages
Expected publication: February 6th 2018 by HarperTeen
At 50% completed, this book still hadn’t hooked me and I felt as though I was just skimming, anxiously waiting for SOMETHING to happen. I mean, I would take anything at that point.
I just came off reading a highly descriptive novel so maybe I was expecting a little bit more from this one if not the same. There wasn’t any world building. Not only that, I didn’t know how to picture Brianne where she was at any given time. I let my brain fill in the blanks which is fine in most cases, but don’t let me fill in ALL THE BLANKS.
So, we’re following Brianne who is accepted into Magnalia House, a school in which you learn different passions to basically fit in society. So, kind of a Divergent feel, but not as good. She gets accepted, despite having no real talent, which was the first strike for me. I mean, this book wants to be mystery, but we all know everyone knows who and what Brianna is from the very start. Maybe I’m just smart like that.
Probably not.
Hey, I’ve spelled her name wrong twice now. Now you see how unaffected this book made me.
Another thing I couldn’t get past was the relationship between this seventeen year-old girl, Brienna and one of her teachers. I’m not a prude, don’t get me wrong, but this was a little jarring for me.
The writing was fine. The plot needed a little bit of ooomph. The people and the places needed to shine a little brighter. Everything seemed so grey. Maybe it’s because I didn’t know what time of day or what the season was or anything.
All in all the book was fine. If there’s a sequel, though, I probably won’t pick it up.
***ARC provided by Edelweiss***

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